VVID handles everything from start to finish. We talk about your dream room, what inspires you and a budget. Then you leave all the steps to me, from design to final install.

How It Works

  1. We talk about your space, including how you use it or would like to and styles you love.
  2. I gather photos of space, layout and budget from you.
  3. We walk through the space together, take measurements and talk about your vision.
  4. You receive a proposal which covers design fees and project timeline.
  5. When the proposal is approved, I create Design Boards, Floorplans and Source Finishes to review with you and make any adjustments.
  6. After we agree on the final space design, VVID –
  • Oversees budget
  • Places orders
  • Arranges deliveries
  • Checks on progress
  1. VVID installs furniture, accessories and lighting to complete your dream space!

A virtual concept ideal for anyone who is out of town and doesn’t mind a little DIY.  I create a Digital Design Plan perfect for your space. You place orders online or locally, plan deliveries and install furniture.

How It Works

  1. We chat via phone, e-mail or video to discuss your vision and budget.
  2. You send me the size of your space, photos and any inspiration, and I create a proposal for you.
  3. Once the proposal is approved, you receive a Digital Design Plan –
  • Design Boards – images of furniture, lighting and décor
  • Floorplan (optional) – furniture and lighting placement
  • Source Finishes – paints, wallpaper, window treatments and flooring
  • Guide – how-to steps for putting your new design in place